Maths 2nd Year - Intermediate

Maths 2nd Year Courses sorted on number of previous EAMCET questions

Sl.No. Subject/Course No. of EAMCET questions
1Calculus - Differential Equations31
2Probability - Probability31
3Algebra - Matrices30
4Calculus - Indefinite Integration28
5Algebra - Theory of Equations26
6Co-Ordinate Geo - Circles26
7Algebra -Binomial Theorem23
8Calculus - Definite Integration22
9Algebra - Permutations and Combinations21
10Algebra - Quadratic Expressions20
11Probability - Random Variable and Distributions20
12Algebra - Exponential Series and Logarithmic Series16
13Co-Ordinate Geo - Parabola15
14Co-Ordinate Geo - Polar Co-Ordinates13
15Calculus - Numerical Integration12
16Co-Ordinate Geo - Ellipse11
17Co-Ordinate Geo - System of Circles11
18Algebra - Partial Fractions10
19Calculus - Successive Differntial10
20Co-Ordinate Geo - Hyperbola9
21Vector Algebra - Vector Product of Two Vectors5